Adolfo López Mateos 18, Vicente Guerrero, Taxco De Alarcón, Guerrero, 40230, México.

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$4299000 MXN
380.0 sqm
1035.0 sqm
Adolfo López Mateos 18, Vicente Guerrero, Taxco De Alarcón, Guerrero

There is a house with all its services and an apartment in the same way, which can house two totally independent families with different entrances, they can be totally isolated, or a single family with communication in all areas, the house is built in colonial with facades and arches in pink quarry stone; tile roofing; and forged steel ironwork, doors and halls in colonial-type wood reinforced with forged steel.
The main house has an entrance through Calle Allende, being two levels above the apartment and garage and Adolfo López Mateos Street.
It has a dining room, an area for a canteen and bar, 1⁄2 bathroom and an office, this area has arches covered in pink quarry slabs, it also has a view of the mountain with access to the pool and barbecue area with windows facing the street. Adolfo López Mateos, his kitchen is spacious with a window facing Allende street, with colonial-type wooden cupboards and concrete bars with a handmade Talavera tile cover, he has his pantry with wooden shelves, all this is a first level that overlooks the street beyond.
On the next level, there is the bedroom area, of which there are four, the main one with a Catalan vault, a full bathroom and a colonial-type wooden closet, its window overlooking Calle de Allende.
It has a guest bedroom with a full bathroom and a colonial-style wooden closet, it has a view of the mountain through a terrace and a view of Adolfo López Mateos street.
It has two more bedrooms with their wooden closet and they have a full bathroom that serves these two, one of them has a view of the mountain, the pool and the street beyond, the other has a view of the pool and the mountain, both bedrooms have a balcony with wrought ironwork.
All the bedrooms are vestibuled through a space which distributes to all the rest areas and the space of the stairs to go up to the viewpoint or go down to the dining room.
In the part of the viewpoint there is a washing area, a large cistern that supplies water for the service of the main house and the apartment, and that a level above is a viewpoint-type terrace where it is possible to obtain a beautiful view of the neighborhood, as well as the perimeter curtain of mountains that surrounds that valley. This apartment has its dining room, its kitchen with a wooden cupboard, a bar lined with Talavera tiles, the dining room has a view of Adolfo López Mateos street with exit to a terrace and from there to the aforementioned street.
This apartment is located one level above the garage and also has a large bedroom with an oratory and a wooden closet, it has a full bathroom, a laundry area and it also has a game room large enough to hold two gaming tables. "foosball" and a ping pong table, as well as a storage closet and an interior patio that illuminates said area.
The bedroom of this apartment is located next to the pool and has a window to the terrace and stairs that go to Adolfo López Mateos street, being its main entrance through this street.
It has a covered and closed garage for four to five cars with three wooden halls of the colonial type and reinforced with forged steel, each hall is independent from one another and is 60 cm apart. one from the other, with arches lined with pink quarry slab stone.
In the previous area, the four machines for boiler and pool filters are located, there are the switches and starters of the electrical system, the pump to supply the cistern that is in the viewpoint, in the upper part and also In this area, there is another cistern which is fed by the main intakes of the municipal water service, so there is no shortage of water at any time.
Lastly, there are two small premises with independent entrances each, or a single large one with two doors and two windows facing Adolfo López Mateos Street. These premises have a height difference of 80 cm. one from the other, within these premises there is a 1⁄2 bathroom to serve them.
The pool that we mentioned before, is located at sidewalk level on Allende street and on Adolfo López Mateos street, it is raised one level, that is, above the commercial premises.

Type: House
Sale Price: $4299000 MXN
Age: 30

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Adolfo López Mateos 18, Vicente Guerrero, Taxco De Alarcón, Guerrero, 40230, México.

  • Gerardo Hernández González
  • CENTURY 21 Grupo Kotel
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$4299000 MXN